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What is Anime Pose Maker?

It is an anime pose maker app for VTuber that allows anyone to make an easy pose quickly for an avatar and use the pose as a drawing pose reference, VTuber pose posters, comic illustrations, and more. Click here to learn more.

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What are the current core functions?

(1) Professional Pose Editor

  • Supports displacement and rotation of avatar joints
  • Support the adjustment of IK to make the avatar's posture more realistic

(2) Rich Avatars

  • With 30+ VTuber avatars, please strike a pose
  • Upload your own VRM models to create your own work

(3) Rich Anime Poses

  • A large number of popular anime poses such as jojo pose, hero pose, daily pose, etc, are integrated, which can be used as anime pose reference
  • Regular anime pose resource updates keep you fresh

(4) Creative Artwork

  • Anime Pose Reference Drawing: output your VRM models pose as sketch drawing and support exporting an image, what is suitable for those who draw or are learning to draw
  • Pose Poster: rich 2d/3d scenes and customization, quickly generate your own pose illustrations or pose posters
  • Dynamic Pose Reference Drawing: output the sequence frame of the complete animation motion law, including the sequence frame of the sketch
  • Pose Statue: You can make your own pose and display it in our VTuber Gallery

(5) VTuber Gallery

  • You can better display your works and share your results through VTuber Gallery

(6) Coming Soon


Anime Pose Maker

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Let's try it out~


Function is very powerful ~

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The pose editing function is  very useful!

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